• Installation technique

    Bringing buildings to life. New construction, Renovation, Management and Maintenance. With 95 years of experience, we have the knowledge to enable your building to perform optimally so you can achieve optimal results. ULC offers, as multidisciplinary total installer, customized solutions. A building functions by implementing the right applications. Only then, a building comes to life. ULC creates a perfect sustainable (indoor) climate by paying attention to the specific wishes of the final user.

  • HCS Installations

    The Netherlands strives to fully energy-neutral new constructions and renovations from 2020 onwards. A perfect tool for obtaining an energy-neutral building is the implementation of a Heat and Cold-Storage Installation. For more than 20 years, we have been specialized in designing, installing, and maintaining these installations. For this, we are NENI (Nota Eisen Normen voor Instellingen) certified.

  • Fire safety

    As a member of the VEBON/NOVB, we are in possession of the following certificates: Brandmeldonderhoudsbedrijf, Brandmeldinstallatiebedrijf, Onderhoudsbedrijf Sprinkler Installaties, Levering Sprinkler Installaties, VCA ** 2008/5.1, ISO 9001:2008 certified by CIBV. We carry out the following certifications ourselves: - Aanleg/ levering sprinkler systemen volgens CCV-certificeringsschema leveren VBB-systemen - Onderhoud aan sprinklersystemen volgens CCV-certificatieschema Onderhoud VBB-systemen - Installeren Brandmeldinstallaties volgens CCV-certificatieschema Installeren Brandmeldinstallaties.

  • BIM

    From handmade drawings on the drawing board to Augmented Reality using Building Information Models (BIM) and VR glasses. In the past 95 years, the developments within the technical design process have led to a maximum implementation of BIM in the preparation and management process. At ULC group, more than 90% of all designs are made using Building Information Models.

  • Movement on the Ground

    Nowadays, the term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ is almost as often encountered as the word ‘Sustainability’. But how do we make Corporate Social Responsibility concrete? By working together with Movement On The Ground. For example, we provided the emergency power generator for the campus on Lesbos, in 2017. Visit the website of Movement On The Ground.

    Website Movement On The Ground
  • Energy monitoring

    By gaining insight into your energy consumption, you can make the right choices in time, which contribute to a longer life span of your building. Whether it concerns replacing old material, preventing and/or solving malfunctions, or gaining insight into the energy consumption of your building so that you can apply energy saving interventions. Our specialists provides an up-to-date overview that is easy in use: both nearby and at a distance.

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