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  • Framework agreement
  • Technique for the Technical Faculty
  • Relationship with previous history


20.000 m²


Electrotechnical, Mechanical, Sprinkler


ULC Technical Management won the race for the contract on the basis of confidence in the quality and not on the lowest price. Before the framework agreement will start, a lot will be rebuilt. Here, there are opportunities to save costs in the long run and to already think about applications that come in handy during later management and maintenance.

The framework contract means that agreements have been made about which costs fall within the framework of the budgets and which costs do not. There is contact based on short lines.

A nice addition to this story is that Director of Technical Management Edwin Hovius once himself was a student in this particular building. He admits that since his departure little has changed, and that that is a nice motivation to make something beautiful out of it.

Another special feature of this contract is that Edwin Hovius will set foot in the building after years. Where he used to be technically taught, he now put his signature as a director. Clearly there is no shortage of opportunities for advancement in technology. The agreement feels like coming home. The last work ULC has done for the MBO Utrecht has already been completed twenty years ago. Because of the special relationship between the two parties, recognition and trust are present at both parties.

ULC Technical Management is going for quality, and is capable of thinking at a high level and giving advice when it comes to maintenance or adjustments that can prevent unnecessary costs. That is one of the reasons why the MBO Utrecht ultimately opted for ULC as manager.

Investments are being made in building automation, energy monitoring and climate regulation. All three aspects that a (technical) educational institution like the MBO Utrecht can use well. It is almost obvious nowadays, but it is important for the performance of pupils that the climate of a school building is optimally regulated.

It speaks to the imagination that a former pupil now obtains the maintenance contract for the same institution. ULC will tell you more about this on Thursday the 15th of February at an informative evening for students and their parents. This evening revolves around sketching different career perspectives and internship opportunities within technology, and especially at the ULC Group.

*MBO is the Dutch term (and abbreviation) for secondary vocational education


Albert Dubbink



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