St. Antonius Hospital

  • Collaboration since the eighties
  • HCS – installations
  • Around 20 technical areas
  • Integrated building management system
  • Healing Environment
  • Maximum nuisance restriction




Electrotechnical, Mechanical and Fire Safety installations


Everything under control

The facilities of the hospital are kept running by approximately 20 technical areas. In these technical areas you will find, among other things, the air-handling units that clean the air from outside on both soot-particles and dirt. Once the air has been cleaned, the temperature can be regulated or the moisture content can be adjusted. In a hospital a lot is heated or cooled and that used to bring a lot of costs. Thanks to the HCS sources that ULC has realized, that is now a thing of the past. The cold water that is stored in the soil in the winter warms up from circa 7° C to circa 18° C in the summer, and is subsequently stored again in order to reuse that heat in the winter. In addition to the ‘hardware’ installations, ULC has also ensured the connection with the remote computers, so that one does not have to walk to the technical room each time to implement a temperature adjustment. This is now possible with the click of a button.


Paul Hartsink


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