The Student Hotel – Sphinx

  • Electro-technical, Mechanical, Sprinkler and Security installations
  • Design & Build contract with Bectro
  • Cultural heritage
  • Wireless room security
  • HCS installation



15.000 m²


Electrotechnical, Mechanical, Access control and Fire safety installations

Retail and Catering

It is clear that the architect of the original building had absolutely no idea at the time what would happen in the building in 2017. That is exactly why this project is so precious. Bectro has to find its way in the old factory as an installer with innovative solutions and with modern techniques. An example of this can be seen in the choices for raising the floors. In this way, extra space has been created for all technology, but visibly nothing has changed in the building.

A question that remains is why would an installation company from Amersfoort move a whole team to Maastricht, if there were also installation companies in Maastricht who wanted to pick up this job? The answer to this question is the quality that Bectro has delivered since the first Student Hotel. This has resulted in close cooperation that has been going on for years now. As a result, not only the technicians are prepared to leave home for a long time, but trust has also arisen from the client. That is exactly why Bectro was not appointed as a sub-contractor, but as a secondary contractor. This is quite unique for an installation company, especially in cooperation with large contractors such as the BAM. The BAM is the other secondary contractor. For this cooperation not only the establishment in Maastricht was addressed, but also the establishment in Weert.

Therefore, this does not only require a thorough approach during the preparation of the
work, but also a smooth communication during execution. Project leader Electro-technique Marc Koot, talks about the hooks and eyes that come with it. When I asked him about the collaboration, Marc jokes: “In the construction industry we sometimes use the expression: No glare without friction. Well, this building will really shine.” Just like with all other things in life, not everything goes smoothly in the construction industry. But that is also the beauty of such a process, when the doors will open, the students have the space to find their own way in life.

That is the power of Bectro, positively approaching adversity. Project leader Jeep Heida finds a good balance in motivating the men when they are away from home for a long time. Most mechanics work twelve hours a day, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Afterwards, they luckily receive a nice meal in a beautiful environment, but of course it is a different kind of work than when you can go home after a long day. This is all the more motivating to ensure that the work is delivered as well as possible. Time pressure is accumulating, but Bectro is also completing this project in a beautiful way.


Jeep Heida



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